Non-Profit Partnership

Non-Profit Partnership

On-Belay is a rock climbing term meaning “one secured by another.”

On-Belay Medical, LLC was created for philanthropy. Since its inception in 2012, founder Mark Slaughter and the other partners of On-Belay Medical have been on a mission to build a successful Medical Device Distributorship with the goal of giving back – not only to their local community but nationally and internationally as well.

To accomplish this, the On-Belay owners made a bold decision in late 2014 to donate a significant portion of the business to a large 501(c)(3) – The National Christian Foundation. This created a business model that converts monthly profit distributions in to opportunities for financial generosity. The model allows surgeon customers of On-Belay to become the “hands and feet” of this generosity as they ultimately have the opportunity to direct resources to charitable organizations that they are passionate about – as long as they are one of the 1000 plus 501(c)(3) organizations thoroughly vetted and included under the National Christian Foundation umbrella.

While On-Belay management keeps a close focus on all the traditional metrics of any successful business, our most important measurement is the growth of our giving.  To date, On-Belay has given away more than $600,000. Our goal is to give away millions every year.  The great news is that our unique model compels us to give – we don’t have a choice.  As our business grows, our giving grows as well.

Note: *** There is zero surgeon ownership, or surgeon compensation in our model. The rewards are different with On-Belay Medical. ***