John Hicks, M.D., FAAOSSpine and Orthopedic Surgery, Hendersonville, NC

This year I surpassed the $100,000 of donation marked through On-Belay. I thought it was pretty amazing that organizations like the Boys and Girls Club, child and family resources, local schools and scouting programs were able to benefit substantially. I am doing my job the same way, but I am working with a company that thought out of the box to create more value from the practice of orthopedics. It really is pretty straightforward. Because many of the financial units/shares were donated to the National Christian Fund, On-Belay distributes their margin or ‘profit.’ There is no smoke or mirrors that I have seen. I get the same support in the operating room. My patients receive the same implants and products. But the community is able to benefit. My primary involvement with On-Belay is as a customer. They act as a distributor for orthopedic spinal implants that I routinely use in surgeries. These implants are essentially the same as those available from other distributors. However, the profit generated goes back to support causes in my community and around the world. Beyond our day to day work, I have also had the opportunity to travel to Uganda with their missions team.

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